The Bong Thom Homestay is the Khmer Habitat consists of a plot of land. In The plot of land three traditional Khmer houses severing accommodations as Khmer family and exhibition space for models and photographs of traditional Khmer dwellings. The house is designed and built with traditional materials conditions but contains a number of innovative features to improve the living conditions inhabitants.

The land around the house will be organized as a traditional Khmer vegetable garden, but instead of growing the usual local vegetables it will produce Western vegetables. These items can be supplied to our homestay. Fruit trees and flower will also be planted and support by a small agricultural station for compost making. Behind the house will be two ponds for raising fish.

In addition, starting from this area, the local communities will organize new tourist itineraries to visit local villages, with all benefits accruing directly to the communities.

The Bong Thom Homestay is initiative by the Cambodia owned. In response to growing demand from European and other tour operators, our teamwork are developing homestay and a real Khmer foods at Phum Sanday, Khum Khna Sanday, Banteay Srey District. The first phase of the project opened to international guests in 2011. Our homestay will organize such as accommodations, camping in nature, Cycling, Cambodia traditional wedding, Tradition dance, cooking class, Ox-cart ride, Farming, Catering, Lunch, Breakfast Sunrise, Cocktail Sunset, Team building and Student programmed.

As a community-based project with neighboring in Phum Sanday, The Bong Thom Homestay aims to help diversify livelihoods and reduce poverty in the countryside. The Bong Thom Homestay employs 20 local villagers on a full-time basis and can mobilize dozer more when large groups arrive.

To cooperate with the local communities to utilize their own resources. To provide opportunities for our visitors to experience the culture, the nature and the true Khmer Life style.


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